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Of having Filipino women for Filipino friends

Having girl friends make a big difference in your life aside from the comfort they provide when you need a shoulder to cry on. Girl friends are there whenever you need them. Hence, it is better to keep at least one girl friend in your life so that you can have other people whom you can ask for ideas, views or advices on a different aspect. If it is too hard for you to earn friends within your community, do not worry as you can find friends online. First off, begin befriending with Filipino girls as Filipino is one of the friendliest people on planet Earth. They are easy to approach and always give you warm welcome. So how to find Filipino friends?

Here's how:

  1. Register in a Filipino dating sites. There are numberous Filipino woman in Filipino dating sites that you can befriend. Being in a dating site is not a bad idea as you can meet different Filipino singles from all walks of life. You will never know that the Filipino lady you communicated is the one you have been waiting for!
  2. Engage in Filipino chat. To find out if you are talking to a person with sense, then chat with them. You can never be out of topic to as Filipino girls know how to speak English. These women have been taught with English language since they were little, so language is not a barrier. It is easy to talk with a Filipino woman as they are open minded and you can talk with varied topics.
  3. Try dating Filipino. When you are dating Filipino, you will be amazed that you have so much interesting things to know about the Philippines. Aside from that, you will broaden your horizon about the culture and tradition of Filipino culture and how Filipino woman behave if shes is worth keeping as your Filipino friends.
  4. Be in a Filipino marriage. Filipino girls are not just plain wivess, they can be your Filipino friends when you are living under one roof. You can depend on them when you need a friend, a lover and a confidant.

It is nice to have Filipino women as you Filipino friends or Filipino love. You will be treated with that you are worth of. Filipino girls are known as good wives because you will be provided with utmost care, tender love and full support in every aspect.


Filipinos are Everywhere

We cannot deny the fact that more or less half of the population in the Philippines wanted to fly abroad to earn higher compensation, career growth or change of lifestyle. Whatever it is, Pinoys or Filipinos abroad are growing in numbers.

Filipinos are known for being hardworking, cheerful and caring. No matter how tired and stressed they are at work, they never forget to be optimistic in some ways to lighten up the burden. Pinoys abroad usually gather around with other Filipinos during special days or any events that involves the presence of every Filipino so that they will be acquainted with each other and exchange pleasant talks and news about Philippines.

There are a lot of stories to tell regarding the new lifestyle of most Filipinos abroad experienced and encountered. Nearly all of them experiences a share of discrimination and stereotypes that Filipinos are exporters of domestic helpers and maids. There might be truth to that but people of other race should not generalize that all Filipinos living and working abroad are of that kind.

The Filipino Character

One either Filipino or some foreign people can identify a Filipino based on the character or habits it shows or reflects. These foreign people are accustomed to Filipino's character as in every part of the world there is a Filipino. The following lists are some of the Filipino trademarks that has been a part of their character for a very long time either by influence of other culture or not.

1. Being hospitable and polite to visitors even local or foreign are what most Filipinos behave. You will surely be treated with utmost service and care when you are the guest of their house. They will help you with every thing you need. Visitors are commonly treated as a part of the family.

2. The close family ties is very evident in every Filipino's home. If one of the family members does not have a house to stay, then his or her relative is open to offer an accommodation.

3. Filipinos usually have a food to bring after they go for a special occasion or gathering. More often than not, hosts gives dishes to their guests as a “take home” as what Filipinos call it.

These are just a few of the trademarks that a Filipino has. It is good to know about these habits or characters so that you will not be surprised to know that something like that exists. One more thing, you can determined when you are in other countries if who are Filipinos just in case you are not accustomed to the Filipino's habits.

The Filipinos are Famous Worldwide

Get to know some of the Famous Filipinos that is marking their name in and outside the Philippines. These people belong to different fields and lifestyle whose achievement made a great impact.

1. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao - one of the most highest paid sports entertainer throughout the world. He is the only boxer that won ten world titles as of the moment. Many aspiring boxers would like to challenge Manny Pacquiao since defeating him won likely earn them fame and success.

2. Charice Pempengco - discovered through the famous video sharing website- Youtube.com, she made her first international debut in the United States of America through the Ellen de Generes show. People were amazed by her vocal skills which landed her to guest in Oprah Winfrey's show wherein the segment was about kids who have amazing talent. From then on, Charice skyrocketed to fame with the help of David Foster and Oprah Winfrey. She made appearances in different occasions and in an American musical comedy, Glee.

3. Kenneth Cobonpue - in the field of architecture and industrial areas, one man is included as a widely known industrial designer, and he is Kenneth Cobonpue. He was born on July 22, 1968 in Cebu. Most clients like Cobonpue's craft since it uses mostly of rattan, buri, bamboo and abaca materials. His designs conquered different parts of the world like in United States of America wherein his customers includes Hollywood A-listers' Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Lucy Liu.

4. Lea Salonga - a Filipina singer and actress who became famous when she lend her voice in the blockbuster Disney film- Mulan and Aladdin. After some time, Lea Salonga was among the ones who was named as a Disney Legend this year 2011. She was also the first Asian to play the role of Éponine and Fantine in the musical Les Misérables on Broadway.

5. Shamcey Supsup - who could forget Ms. Philippines in the recently concluded Miss Universe 2011. Though she may have not won the crown but she gain her own fame after her controversial question and answer portion. People bring a lot of stir with her placement during the pageant but as what Ms. Supsup said, she is contented with her place. Shamcey is a magna cum laude graduate in the University of the Philippines in the field of architecture.

There are still a lot of famous Filipinos from different fields of concentration that are truly remarkable and a source of inspiration.

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