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Terms and Conditions of Use


The preceding statement is the Terms and Conditions of Use of www.FilipinotoDate.com, please read it carefully and the related Privacy Policy Statement. These set the standards of use when visitors, users and members used our website. Clicking the agreement button confirms that you agree to the implemented Terms and Conditions of Use of www.FilipinotoDate.com website. You should stop immediately the usage of the website and its features if you disagree to the terms and conditions of use as stated herein. FilipinotoDate.com has the right to modify, change/alter or update its terms and conditions of use without any further notice to you. These modifications and changes is immediately become effective upon posting in the website. Your continuous usage of www.FilipinotoDate.com website after the revisions have been made composes of an acknowledgment and acceptance of FilipinotoDate.com's terms and conditions of use and its alterations.

This agreement comprises a binding contract between you and FilipinotoDate.com.

This TCU is last updated/revised on June 21, 2013

II. Limitation of Use

You must be at least 18 years of age to join and signup for a membership in www.FilipinotoDate.com website. In addition, if in the country where you reside requires you to be more than 18 years old, you should declare that you are of proper age to legally register in our website, use its features and services and post a personal ad or photos.

III. The Service

www.FilipinotoDate.com provides features and services that facilitates communication between members who are or are not in search of romantic relationship, love, marriage or friendship.

IV. Online Etiquette

With your registration of our website, you take sole responsibility for the information you display in your personal ad or submitted to any members of the website.

You also agree that as a registered member of www.FilipinotoDate.com, you will not use the website and its services to:

1. Violate any and all applicable laws and regulations either intentionally or unintentionally.

2. Post, submit, e-mail, upload or transmit links to any personal profile information including telephone numbers, email addresses, residential address, last names, URLs, offensive words, sexual references discrimination, sexually suggestive or connotative language or any confidential information of any third person.

3. Gathering or keeping of personal information about users for commercial and other unlawful purposes.

4. Transmit, upload, email, post links to any other members, users of the website, or to any contents that is harmful, threatening, abusive, unlawful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, pornographic, hateful, racially discriminatory, invasive of public and private rights and tortuous or otherwise objectionable.

5. Email, post, upload or transmit links of any images and photographs containing nudity or lewdness or such personal information. FilipinotoDate.com reserves the right but has the obligation to remove or reject any profile or photos that does not comply with the prohibitions.

6. Portrays any person or entity.

7. Exclusively or personally use the website.

8. Provide honest and accurate answers to the questions in the online membership sign up form of www.FilipinotoDate.com.

9. Solicit money or any kinds from members of FilipinotoDate.com is prohibited and if anyone found or reported will be restricted or barred to use the website and will be tagged as scammer.

10. Molest or harass any person or users of the website by consistently messaging the person even if you are clearly asked to stop any forms of communication.

11. Involves advertising or soliciting members to buy or sell any products and services via www.FilipinotoDate.com website.

12. Unauthorized advertising, uploading, posting or transmitting links to any junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other types of solicitation excluding areas that are designated for such purpose.

13. Endorsing or expressing statements without our prior written consent.

14. Posting, uploading, email or transmitting links to any material which contains software viruses, malware, bugs or any other computer codes, files or programs that are designed to destroy, limit or corrupt the functionality of any computer hardware, software or telecommunications equipment that will likely diminish the quality or interfere the performance of the functionality of the products and services of FilipinotoDate.com.

15. Use misleading email addresses or fake information in the header, footer or any parts of communication that is transmitted with the use of the services.

16. Attempts to frame or mirror any parts of the website without written authorization. You are prohibited to use meta tags or codes containing any references to FilipinotoDate.com or the service of the website.

17. Your interactions with other members is solely your responsibility. Moreover, you are liable to your own privacy and other information you make available through www.FilipinotoDate.com website.

18. You agree that FilipinotoDate.com is not responsible to any online conversation or interactions you have and will have to users or members of this site.

Furthermore, you need to remember that this website will remove or discontinue your site membership once you violate any online conduct set forth herein at www.FilipinotoDate.com.

V. Message Alteration or Deletion

FilipinotoDate.com does not screen or monitor all message being sent and receive by members in their messaging system. However, www.FilipinotoDate.com reserves the right to delete messages or modify ones that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, slanderous, libelous, threatening, harassing, obscene, blasphemous, racially and sexually discriminatory, illegal or soliciting money from any members of the website.

VI. Payment Terms and Methods

Becoming a part of our website is free but www.FilipinotoDate.com adapted a star rating program to categorize members from first class to low class based on their star rating. Higher star rating means that you have bigger chances of finding the right one for you and drawing more attention compared to low star rating level.

A. Lady Members

You have free access to any of the sites features and services however you need to upgrade your star rating in order to have more interaction with other single male members. To upgrade stars you need to:

a.1- Completely fill out the online application form
a.2- Upload photos that are clear, with high quality and a real standout.
a.3- Take snap shots of yourself via web cam and you will have your stars upgraded after doing a review.
a.4- Never miss the opportunity to always send smiles and emails to any male members that is your potential match.

For more details or any questions, send us an email at contactus@filipinotodate.com .

B. Men Members

The registration is FREE but in order to communicate with the lady members of the website that could be your right match you need to upgrade your membership by following the guidelines to increase your star rating. Our membership plan is easy and fast, and there are different plans to cater your preference.

As a member, here are some of the benefits:

  • Send smiles and initiates interest to any lovely female members in the website.
  • Unlimited sending and receiving of message to and from members and be the first to contact them.
  • Full access to website features such as email messaging and webcam chat.
  • 24/7 Livehelp Support
  • Avail services such as Romance Tour, Flowers Delivery, Profile Verification and Fiancee visa (where applicable).
  • You can ask for a profile background check with the lady that you are interested with.
  • Higher rates of receiving responses and emails.

What's more? As a 1st Class Member you are given the privilege to:

  • Access to specialized personal information such as contact numbers or email addresses through the help of our staff.
  • Your profile rank higher making you on top of our search results.
  • One day free tour services (where applicable) wherein giving you more opportunities to meet different lovely ladies of your choice.
  • Free 1 year membership with two other dating websites.


We have various payment options you can choose from in paying for the service:


    PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay without exposing your credit card or bank account number. When you choose to pay through PAYPAL your account will be activated the instant you made a successful subscription payment that allows you to have access to the filipinotodate.com website facilities. Moreover subscription less than 1 year is set to automatically recur.


    Pay directly by Credit card. Complete the form by entering your billing and credit card information. Click "Pay Now" to complete the transaction. Your credit card is charged and your membership is upgraded / renewed instantly. This payment option is not auto-rebilling.

    The charge will appear on your credit card statement as paymall.com*InterwebTech.

  3. accept credit cards online SECURE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT

    If you are a Credit Card holder and you don’t have a Paypal Account you may choose to pay to our SECURE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT facility by filling up the necessary information required in the PAYMENT PAGE. Once transaction is complete your membership account will be instantly activated. Please keep your transaction details for reference purposes.

    The billing name that will show on your credit card statement for payments made via AlliedWallet Credit Card is EW-ITServ18882551137.


    Money transfer option. YOU need to provide us the MTCN (money transfer control number) to activate your membership. You need to connect to our Customer Support for assistance in your account activation. Our friendly customer support ladies are available 24/7;


    Your membership activation will take a while depending on the actual clearing of your check payment.

VIII. Non-Refundable Payments

All payments made are non-refundable however members are given the option to cancel or request to deactivate their membership if they are already engaged or end their subscription before the actual expiration of their membership in this service agreement.

IX. Liability Restrictions

1. FilipinotoDate.com is not liable or be held responsible by the members or users of the website and its services, or by their subscribed members for the content, performance, quality or any other aspect of information provided or transmitted by the members with the use of FilipinotoDate.com's service.

2. FilipinotoDate.com will not be held responsible for any or all the damage of any person arising in any ways out of the use of the site's service. All members in the website assumes full responsibility and risk for any damage or loss that arises while using the website.

3. FilipinotoDate.com is free from all and any liabilities for the actions of its members. We do not monitor or screen messages of the members in this website. It is the sole responsibility of the members regarding its behavior and actions upon using the website.

4. FilipinotoDate.com does not guarantee the safety of dealing users via internet especially those that are living in other countries, minor people, those with fake identity or people with criminal intent. Thereby, it is best to always practice caution and self-awareness to avoid being a victim of frauds or scams.

5. FilipinotoDate.com would like to make it clear that the authentication of internet users is extremely hard to confirm and does not guarantee that a particular member of the site or user is who he or she claims to be. Thus, www.FilipinotoDate.com, advised its all members and users to be very careful in dealing with other members upon using FilipinotoDate.com website.

X. Warranty Conditions

www.FilipinotoDate.com provides an “as is” service basis and does not give warranty of any kind with respect to the services provided by the website. It does not also warrant t hat the usage of the site is fully secured, uninterrupted and will always be available or error-free.

XI. Indemnity and Waiver of Rights

By being a member of FilipinotoDate.com website, I declare the company and the website together with all of its officers, staffs and employees free from all and any claims, liabilities, losses, cost, expenses and damages including but not limited to all legal costs and legal fees arising from the members use or participation in this site or of the information contained thereof.

As a member of the website, I have waived all my rights to:

A. All and any photos, images, pictures, materials, writings and other information that I voluntarily posted, uploaded and submitted to www.FilipinotoDate.com website as a consequence of my membership.

B. Alter, change and or delete a part or any of my profiles that are deemed to be inappropriate, obscene, discriminatory or for any other reasons that are considered legal.

C. Use of my public information and personal photos and post it on my member's profile gallery that will be made available for search.

Moreover, I give complete permission and will not hold any liabilities to www.FilipinotoDate.com if there will be any, in the use of my personal photos, images, pictures and other materials for promotional purposes including but not limited to business and marketing campaign advertisement.

I understand that being a part of FilipinotoDate.com, I consent that they will forward me newsletters and any promotional communications or advertisements that may be of my interests or preference, provided that I can opt anytime to unsubscribe or no longer want to receive any kind of newsletters and ads.

In addition, I understand that if ever I decide to discontinue my membership with FilipinotoDate.com for any reason at all, I only have the option to TURN OFF my profile or send a request to turn it off. However, www.FilipinotoDate.com has the right to keep my record in their database as I comprehend that I waived the right to recover whatever photos or materials I uploaded to www.FilipinotoDate.com website as a part of my voluntary membership. I further understand that the purpose of keeping my personal data is a part of legal purposes only that it may serve for the best of the company.

I testify to the best of my ability that above conditions are clear to me and I waive my right of right of recourse against www.FilipinotoDate.com for any direct or indirect, damage, loss, incidental or consequential that I may suffer as a result of the use of the materials that I voluntarily submitted.

XII. General Provisions

I, of legal age, willingly and voluntarily enter into this agreement with FilipinotoDate.com in my own free act and deed. I accept its terms and conditions of use of the website without any reservation. I am obliged to follow the site's policies and rules and any other changes in the future as a part of my acceptance being a site member. Should there will be violation of specific terms and conditions of use of the website which may jeopardize or threaten the performance and the effectiveness of the website's online services will cause my membership to be suspended, canceled or terminated.

I fully understand that any disputes that will happen upon using the website or relating to this agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Philippines' federal and state courts. The venue for any action to be imposed, interpret or dealings with these terms and conditions of use or any rights arising by using the website shall be in the Philippines.

The remainder of this agreement shall continue to be in full force and effect unless revise or revoked granting if there should be any provisions of this agreement becomes invalid or declared to be no longer effective. Any amendments done in the website shall be posted in FilipinotoDate.com website and will be effective upon posting.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please send us a feedback at contactus@filipinotodate.com or jump to our 24/7 Live Help. Our customer support will assist you with any of your concerns regarding the use of the services and the website itself.


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